Windows 8 brings Faster Shutdown and Startup

Windows 8 brings really faster shutdown and starting up of a windows computer. Windows 8 combines the power of computer hibernation into shutdown command and offers an amazing speedup for shutdown and startup times. There are lots of things that goes on when a system shutdown is initiated. Instead of doing all those things again and again, Windows 8 hibernates few of the parts and hence saves time for computer to shutdown and effectively on system startup as well.

Windows 8 offers backward compatibility along with this new shutdown and startup process. The new system shutdown process in Windows 8 creates a mini hibernate file and the booting process reads that mini hibernate file. Windows 8 also offers to completely skip that mini hibernate file creating process and work like as in Windows 7. Windows 8 also offers improvements in updating files in use and hence will require lesser reboots as compared to windows 7, windows vista, etc.

Windows 8 will require fewer reboots, provides significant speed improvement in booting time and shutdown time by using a mini hibernate file. In case you run windows 8 on a good configuration pc, you might just see the desktop screen without watching the traditional windows loading screen. For initiating Automatic Shutdown and Restart on a Windows computer, shareware software named as Easy Shutdown can be used which offers windows 8 shutdown, allows creating hibernate shortcut, restart shortcut and much more.