Shutdown Timer for Windows 8, Windows 7, etc

Initiating a shutdown timer on windows 8 is really easy to do. The Timer to shutdown a windows pc can be configured in number of minutes. A Confirmation dialog appears prior to actual shutdown of the windows 8 computer. The Shutdown Timer has been designed for a 32 bit version of windows and works automatically in a 64 bit windows 8, windows 7, vista environments as well without making any sort of adjustments.

There is no need to struggle with shutdown command line options, look a way to play an audio file before final shutdown of a windows 8 computer. Just configure the timer and let the timer software do the initiated timed shutdown of computer as configured to do so. Everything about the shutdown is configurable in a really easy way that you will find it really easy to use.

The Shutdown Timer Software is provided on a shareware basis which means that you are free to download & try it on your computer running windows 8, windows vista, windows 7, xp or any other variant of windows and when you are completely satisfied and feel that yes this shutdown timer can save you time and effort looking for programming the batch files or complex shutdown command line, just pay in a one time fee of $5.00 and use the shutdown timer for as long as you want.