Switch User

Now there is a direct, simple & fast way to switch user in case your windows computer does have more than one users configured. You can Switch User from Desktop Shortcut or you can even use the Switch User Command as the way presented here is by launching a tiny application program. You can even display Switch User Screen if your computer is left idle using a Screen Saver. The Switch User functionality has been tested on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

You can use the Switch User Application from command prompt or by directly double clicking on the application. The functionality is available as add-on in the Software Utility named Turn Off Monitor. Download the application and navigate to the add on folder to find SwitchUser.exe and launch it to display the Switch User Screen.

However if you would like your computer to display the Switch User screen when you leave the computer idle, you would need a screen saver. A special Screen Saver has an option to display the Switch User screen when the screen saver is launched. The ScreenSaver has other options as well such as Lock Workstation / Computer, Log Off Signed On User, etc.