How to configure Shortcut Keys to Shutdown Windows Computer

System Wide Shortcut Key Combination is a key combination which can be pressed on Keyboard and will initiate the configured action. This Post describes how you can configure EasyShutdown to Shutdown Windows Computer whenever you press the configured Shortcut Key. The Software allows you to configure numerous shortcut keys and varied windows computer control actions. The Menu Option to start configuring the shortcuts keys is displayed below.

Launch System Wide Keys option from the Easy Shutdown Menu

System Wide Shortcut Keys from Easy Shutdown

Once you click on the System Wide Shortcut Keys Menu of Easy Shutdown, you will be presented with another Dialog Box where you can configure the shortcut keys. The Configured System Wide Shortcut Key can be used as long as the Easy Shutdown Application is running. You can click on the top cross button to minimize the application to System Tray so that you can work on other windows applications. Once you exit the Easy Shutdown Software, the shortcut keys to shutdown computer will not work any more. The Shortcut Keys dialog will also allow you to remove the configured shortcut key combination or assign some different shortcut key combination.

System Wide Shortcut Key to Shutdown Windows Computer

F6 configured to Shutdown Windows