Auto Shutdown Benefits

There can be many benefits of shutting down a windows computer automatically. Depending on requirements and purpose of a computer’s usage there are lots of options available to automatically shutdown a windows computer, whether it is running windows 8, windows 7, windows 2000, windows vista, windows xp or any older version of windows.

When a windows computer is shutdown, nobody can work on that, electricity is not consumed, the computer cannot be hacked by electronic means, in order to start & gain acecss to the computer, you might be required to enter a password, in case your computer’s fan makes noise, the noise will not come when a computer is shutdown and will allow the cpu and other electronic parts to cool down, etc.

Auto Shutdown allows computer to be pre-programmed. Windows does allows Auto Hibernate & Resume computer as well, however for that to work, the electricity supply must be switched on always irrespective of difference between hibernate and resume operations. Auto Restart of a computer can be equally useful to free up computer’s resources and force the user to enter his / her password again to gain access to the computer.

When Microsoft ships free trial versions of operating system, they force a computer shutdown after the trial usages have been reached. When Microsoft shipped free 90 days trial of Windows 7, the operating system was configured to shutdown in a really superfast way after the trial usages. Speculation is that Microsoft will do that for Windows 8 as well and will use the shutdown command in the same way so that users do not keep on using trial version of windows and at the same time can evaluate the new operating system.

In case you computer does not shuts down properly and keep on saying shutting down, you might wish to check the software applications running or you might also need to look at what new applications have been installed since windows is not shutting down properly.

3rd party software application Easy Shutdown allows to initiate an auto shutdown of a windows computer in a controlled way. Forced (& Fast) and Normal Shutdown commands can be configured on a day to day basis, weekly basis or even by selecting specific week days. The Auto Shutdown can be configured for a given period and yes it will work fine on Windows 8 & has been successfuly used by lots of user to shutdown their computers running windows 7, windows vista, xp, etc.