Auto Shutdown Software for Windows 8

Shutdown your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Computer with a Software Utility presented here. The Shutdown Software presented here is a Free to Download Software which is fully functional even in Trial Usages. Download, Install this Auto Shutdown Software and let your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Desktop or laptop Computer Shutdown at a specific Date / Time Automatically.

Software to Shutdown PC Automatically

Shutdown PC at configured date and time

This Auto Shutdown Software provides multiple ways in which you can schedule automatic shutdown of any Windows 8 Computer. As displayed in the above screenshot, there are other Windows Control functions available in this Auto Shutdown Software. The Main Screen of the software displays computer control action, displays time interval remaining to initiate shutdown and also displays auto shutdown execution date and time.

Shutdown Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP Computer

Schedule Shutdown of Windows 8 in many controllable ways

The Add Action Screen of this Auto Shutdown Software lets you select the action to be executed on your Windows 8 Computer. The Add Action Screen also allows you to specify when you want to Shutdown your Windows 8 Computer by selecting either fixed duration , at specific date / time and allows you to specify range of dates and specific time when the Windows 8 Computer must shutdown automatically.

Shutdown a Windows 8 Computer with Desktop Shortcut

Shortcut to shutdown a windows computer

You can even test the Shutdown Command of this Auto Shutdown Software by creating and launching a Shutdown Shortcut on Desktop. As displayed in the above screenshot a Desktop Shortcut has been created to Shutdown a Windows 8 Computer with Confirmation. As evident from the above screenshot, you can cancel the Shutdown of your Windows 8 Computer using the Cancel button or shutdown the Windows 8 computer immediately using the Do It Now button on the confirmation screen.

Launch System Wide Keys option from the Easy Shutdown Menu

System Wide Shortcut Keys from Easy Shutdown

In case you do love Keyboard Shortcuts, you can use the System Wide Hot Keys option to assign Keyboard Shortcut to Shutdown your Windows 8 Computer. The Computer Control Functions available with the Shortcut Keys are the same as offered using Desktop Shortcut and you can view the list of available actions in the screenshot below.

Shutdown Windows Desktop Shortcut

Select Normal or Brute Shutdown with Desktop Shortcut

Note that the Brute Shutdown Action will Shutdown your Windows 8 Computer without allowing you to save any unsaved data. On the other hand the Shutdown Action will initiate Shutdown and will not force Shutdown of Windows 8 if there is any unsaved data on your Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 Computer.

Auto Shutdown Software in Windows 8 Start Menu

Auto Shutdown Software in Windows 8 Start Menu

During Installation of this Auto Shutdown Software, you can opt to have Desktop Shortcut Created for the Software or alternatively you can launch the Software from the Start Menu of Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 as visible in the above screenshot. Download the Auto Shutdown Software on your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Computer and save electricity and Automate Repetitive Shutdown tasks of Windows 8 / Windows 8.1.

Auto LogOff Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP

Automatic Logging Off of signed on user after inactivity can make your windows 8, 7, xp or vista computer secure. The Software Utility presented here can be used to automatically log off the signed on user after configurable minutes of inactivity. Whether you wish to auto logoff signed on user on a standalone computer or even on a network connected workstation, the Auto LogOff software can be really useful to you.

Software to Automatically LogOff Signed On User

LogOff Signed On User after configured duration of inactivity

You can get custom changes done to the software so that the Auto LogOff software works best according to your needs. Just contact the support team and tell how you would like your Auto LogOff feature to work. You can even get the user interface of the software customised or get some features added or removed. The Software when installed in current state would auto logoff the signed on user. Computer inactivity is calculated and displayed in the user interface of the software. Keyboard & Mouse inputs are taken into consideration when calculating the idle or inactive computer time.

Auto LogOff signed on user with this software application, or get totally custom made functionality including computer shutdown, restart with forced or normal options. The Auto LogOff software is fully compatible with Windows 8 as it is with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Yes the software works on 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows wherever applicable. You can even launch or open a program or document when computer is left inactive or idle for configured number of minutes and the same interface is used to auto logoff and the functionality can be controlled using the system tray icon. Download free trial of the software and schedule automatic log off of signed on user on a personal computer or workstation.

Shutdown Shortcut Windows 8

Shutdown Windows 8 with a desktop shortcut easily , quickly and with configurable confirmation screen. The Shutdown Shortcut can shutdown windows 8, windows 7 or even older windows versions such as windows xp, windows vista, etc. Just create a desktop shortcut to shutdown a windows computer as displayed below and double click on that shortcut to shutdown windows 8 computer really easily.

Shutdown a Windows 8 Computer with Desktop Shortcut

Shortcut to shutdown a windows computer

Shutdown Shortcut named as Shutdown Computer (With Confirmation) can be created on Desktop and just like any other shortcut can be copied to quick launch screen or can be pinned to the JumpList to initiate system shutdown. The Shortcut can also be renamed appropriately or you can even copy the command line of the shortcut to use it in a batch file or any other scheduling program or software. The Shortcut to Shutdown Windows 8 computer can be programmed to display a timer for configurable number of seconds and in case you would like to can the shutdown, just click on the cancel button of the confirmation screen. Once the Shortcut is launched, Windows 8 will notify all the running applications that a system shutdown has been initiated. In case you windows 8 pc does not have any application running with unsaved data, the windows 8 will shutdown normally.

Windows 8 brings Faster Shutdown and Startup

Windows 8 brings really faster shutdown and starting up of a windows computer. Windows 8 combines the power of computer hibernation into shutdown command and offers an amazing speedup for shutdown and startup times. There are lots of things that goes on when a system shutdown is initiated. Instead of doing all those things again and again, Windows 8 hibernates few of the parts and hence saves time for computer to shutdown and effectively on system startup as well.

Windows 8 offers backward compatibility along with this new shutdown and startup process. The new system shutdown process in Windows 8 creates a mini hibernate file and the booting process reads that mini hibernate file. Windows 8 also offers to completely skip that mini hibernate file creating process and work like as in Windows 7. Windows 8 also offers improvements in updating files in use and hence will require lesser reboots as compared to windows 7, windows vista, etc.

Windows 8 will require fewer reboots, provides significant speed improvement in booting time and shutdown time by using a mini hibernate file. In case you run windows 8 on a good configuration pc, you might just see the desktop screen without watching the traditional windows loading screen. For initiating Automatic Shutdown and Restart on a Windows computer, shareware software named as Easy Shutdown can be used which offers windows 8 shutdown, allows creating hibernate shortcut, restart shortcut and much more.

Auto Shutdown Benefits

There can be many benefits of shutting down a windows computer automatically. Depending on requirements and purpose of a computer’s usage there are lots of options available to automatically shutdown a windows computer, whether it is running windows 8, windows 7, windows 2000, windows vista, windows xp or any older version of windows.

When a windows computer is shutdown, nobody can work on that, electricity is not consumed, the computer cannot be hacked by electronic means, in order to start & gain acecss to the computer, you might be required to enter a password, in case your computer’s fan makes noise, the noise will not come when a computer is shutdown and will allow the cpu and other electronic parts to cool down, etc.

Auto Shutdown allows computer to be pre-programmed. Windows does allows Auto Hibernate & Resume computer as well, however for that to work, the electricity supply must be switched on always irrespective of difference between hibernate and resume operations. Auto Restart of a computer can be equally useful to free up computer’s resources and force the user to enter his / her password again to gain access to the computer.

When Microsoft ships free trial versions of operating system, they force a computer shutdown after the trial usages have been reached. When Microsoft shipped free 90 days trial of Windows 7, the operating system was configured to shutdown in a really superfast way after the trial usages. Speculation is that Microsoft will do that for Windows 8 as well and will use the shutdown command in the same way so that users do not keep on using trial version of windows and at the same time can evaluate the new operating system.

In case you computer does not shuts down properly and keep on saying shutting down, you might wish to check the software applications running or you might also need to look at what new applications have been installed since windows is not shutting down properly.

3rd party software application Easy Shutdown allows to initiate an auto shutdown of a windows computer in a controlled way. Forced (& Fast) and Normal Shutdown commands can be configured on a day to day basis, weekly basis or even by selecting specific week days. The Auto Shutdown can be configured for a given period and yes it will work fine on Windows 8 & has been successfuly used by lots of user to shutdown their computers running windows 7, windows vista, xp, etc.

Shutdown Timer for Windows 8, Windows 7, etc

Initiating a shutdown timer on windows 8 is really easy to do. The Timer to shutdown a windows pc can be configured in number of minutes. A Confirmation dialog appears prior to actual shutdown of the windows 8 computer. The Shutdown Timer has been designed for a 32 bit version of windows and works automatically in a 64 bit windows 8, windows 7, vista environments as well without making any sort of adjustments.

There is no need to struggle with shutdown command line options, look a way to play an audio file before final shutdown of a windows 8 computer. Just configure the timer and let the timer software do the initiated timed shutdown of computer as configured to do so. Everything about the shutdown is configurable in a really easy way that you will find it really easy to use.

The Shutdown Timer Software is provided on a shareware basis which means that you are free to download & try it on your computer running windows 8, windows vista, windows 7, xp or any other variant of windows and when you are completely satisfied and feel that yes this shutdown timer can save you time and effort looking for programming the batch files or complex shutdown command line, just pay in a one time fee of $5.00 and use the shutdown timer for as long as you want.

Schedule Shutdown Windows 8, Windows 7, etc

Now you can schedule shutdown of a computer running Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP really easily. Scheduled shutdown of a computer can be configured in many possible ways. The Automatic scheduled shutdown of the computer can be aborted as well really easily. A Confirmation Popup can also be configured whenever the scheduled shutdown of windows 8, Windows 7, etc computer is initiated.

Shutdown Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP Computer

Schedule Shutdown of Windows 8 in many controllable ways

The figure above displays how easy is to schedule automatic shutdown of a Windows computer. Whether you are using 32 bit version of Windows 8 or 64 bit of Windows 8 or even any version of Windows 7, Vista, XP, this small software download can be really handy to schedule computer shutdown without any programming information. The Scheduled Shutdown can be edited easily using a graphical user interface provided, you can even abort the shutdown of computer by simply exiting from the software. A Confirmation dialog box appears whenever the Windows 8 , Windows 7 is to be shutdown, giving you the option to decide whether you wish to shutdown the computer now or not.

Easy Shutdown Registration Key

You can have Registration Key for Easy Shutdown Software Application easily by paying in a one time fee of $5.00 per licence. Currently we have version 3.4 of Easy Shutdown Software available for free download. The Free download allows you to evaluate the software for free without any software limitations. We need the Registration fee to keep on developing the Easy Shutdown Software, provide you customer support, fix any bugs and even provide you custom feature in the software according to your need.

Registration Key of Easy Shutdown

Register your Copy of Easy Shutdown

The One Time Fee of $5.00 can be paid using a Credit Card. We currently accept payments using PayPal gateway and after the payment is done, your paypal email id or the email id used during the payment process becomes your registration key or serial key to unlock the trial limitations of the software. PayPal does not gives us your credit card information, it just accepts the Registration Fee for us and sends us an intimation that you have paid the money for the registration key of Easy Shutdown Software. We in turn automatically send you an email saying that you can unlock the trial limitations of the software by entering your email id into the software.

In Order to pay the Registration Fee, you can click on the Buy Now button as displayed in the figure above. Once you click the Buy Now Button, your default browser will open up and will navigate to the software registration page. Once you pay the registration fee, you will be able to use your email address to unlock the trial limitations of the software.

Download Auto Shutdown Software

Download Auto Shutdown Software for your Windows PC and try it for free. The Automatic Shutdown Software provides numerous features to shutdown windows computer automatically according to defined schedule, with System Wide Shortcut Keys, with Desktop Shortcut, On a daily basis and many other such features.

Download Auto Shutdown Software

Auto Shutdown Software

You can download the software for free now and try it whether it fits your needs. The Software has been tested on Current Windows Versions and will be tested on Windows 8 as well. The Auto Shutdown Software is provided with a setup, which needs to be installed onto your computer. The Software’s Setup installs the Auto Shutdown Software, Creates Shortcuts in Start Menu, Optionally create Desktop Shortcut and Shortcut in Quick Launch Bar. The Setup of the Software also adds the software to Windows Startup so that the automated shutdown actions can be executed (if configured).

In order to download the auto shutdown software, you do not need to pay anything. The Software download will not ask your email id and will not ask you to complete any registration form. The Auto Shutdown Software is provided as a shareware or in other words , you can try it for free without any limitations in the software and once your trial usages are complete, the software will prompt you to pay the registration fee of $5.00 per computer.

Software to Shutdown PC Automatically

Automatically Shutdown Computer easily on a daily or weekly basis. You can even use the Easy Shutdown Softwareto automatically shutdown computer but skip selected days. In case you would like to shutdown computer daily without skipping any day, you can use the Daily Actions option. However if you would like to have finer control and would like to shutdown computer on a weekly basis or on specific days of a week, you can use the main interface of Easy Shutdown to add the desired actions. Apart from Shutdown, you can even restart the computer at specified times.

Software to Shutdown PC Automatically

Shutdown PC at configured date and time

The Figure above displays how the main interface of the software looks like. The Appearance of the Software might look little bit different depending on which Windows Version you are using and the theme you have selected for Windows. In the figure above 4 different commands have been added in random order to control the PC state. One is to Restart the PC on specific date / time, other options also control the PC state. Log Off, Hibernate and Shutdown PC are other options added to the software. The Automatic Shutdown Software also allows you to edit or delete any of the pc control actions added to the software. The Shutdown Automation Software runs in System Tray with an icon in system tray allowing you to control the software’s settings and hence the PC State.

The Actions listed on the main interface do not list the daily actions. The Daily Shutdown Action has another interface and can be launched from the File Menu of the Easy Shutdown Software. This Automation Software is provided on a free to try basis and can be registered by paying one time fee of $5.00 per computer. Yes there are volume discounts available as well in case you would like to automatically shutdown multiple number of pc’s.