Comparison of Normal Windows Shutdown and Brute Windows Shutdown

The EasyShutdown offers to initiate windows shutdown with two varieties. Depending on the usage, you can select either of the options. The First Option is labelled as Shutdown Computer and other option says Shutdown Computer (Brute)

Using EasyShutdown you can either create a desktop shortcut or schedule to shutdown computer with either of the options (i.e. Normal Shutdown of Windows Computer or Brute Shutdown of Computer).

Normal Shutdown of Windows Computer is the type of Shutdown which is offered by Windows Start Menu. Once you initiate a normal windows shutdown of computer, Windows Operating System notifies all the open applications that user has initiated a windows shutdown and in turn if they have any unsaved data or they require your attention, they prompt you with a dialog box to ask what you want to do or they may also take automated backup of data, it all depends on how every application behaves. Normal Shutdown can be automated or can be used with Desktop Shortcut, System Wide Shortcut Keys, etc with the EasyShutdown Software Utility.

Brute Shutdown of Windows Computer initiates shutdown of computer as well, however when initiated using any of the automated or manual ways using EasyShutdown, asks Operating System to Shutdown Computer forcibly without waiting for any applications running with any unsaved data. This Brute Shutdown of Windows Computer can be useful when you want to be sure that the computer must shutdown as configured irrespective of any unsaved data or any other applications running.