Will Easy Shutdown work on Windows 8 ?

Yes Easy Shutdown will work fine on Windows 8. According to the news, Microsoft plans to provide Windows 8 beta to developers so that they can test their applications with Windows 8 before the Windows 8 is finally provided to general public. Once Microsoft provides Windows 8, we will test all the features to automate Windows shutdown using the Easy Shutdown Software Utility.

Easy Shutdown Software Utility for Automated Shutdown of Windows

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Even before testing the Easy Shutdown on Windows 8, we are 99.99% sure that the software will work fine on Windows 8. With the release of every new Operating System, Microsoft keeps the existing functionality intact and provides enhanced features to the new version of Windows. In some cases various 3rd party applications becomes incompatible with new version of Windows and then they upgrade their application so that it becomes fully compatible with Windows 8.

The Automation features of Easy Shutdown have been in Windows from the time of Windows XP. The Automated Shutdown features were automatically compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Now as Microsoft is launching Windows 8, we are sure that the Easy Shutdown Software will be compatible with Windows 8 automatically and we will not have to provide any update to the application. In any case we will test the Software on Windows 8 as and when it becomes available for us and will make sure that it does works fine with Windows 8. Note that there will be no charges for existing registered users or anybody else to get the updated Easy Shutdown Software Utility fully tested on Windows 8.