Auto Shutdown Software

Now you can automatically shutdown your windows computer with auto shutdown software. The Software presented here can do shutdown of windows computer automatically as per configured settings. The Automatic Shutdown can be configured at specified date / time or even after specified time interval.

The Auto Shutdown Software can help you control power to your windows computer. You can even configure the computer to shutdown forcibly even when some applications are running or alternatively you can configure the software to wait before shutting down the computer automatically. The Auto Shutdown can be stopped by exiting the software from the system tray icon or by cancelling the computer shutdown from the shutdown alert. The Shutdown Alert is also configurable and can be switched ON or Off. You can also configure the Shutdown Alert Screen to be displayed for a given number of seconds.

Use the Auto Shutdown Software to define computer shutdown time. You can even automatically hibernate and resume computer so that the whole process is automated. Lots of Automatic Computer Shutdown Options are available to control and manage the power state of the Windows Computer. Download the Auto Shutdown Software now and get complete control over your desktop or laptop computer running Windows.