Easy Shutdown Software to Auto Shutdown Computer

Auto Shutdown your Computer easily by Installing Easy Shutdown Software Utility.

Easy Shutdown Software Utility provides various options to Shutdown Computer Automatically.

Easy Shutdown Software utility to Create various automation of Shutdown Computer works on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Download Easy Shutdown Software Utility now.

Easy Shutdown Software offers various Auto Shutdown Computer options like :

Easy Shut Down Application allows the users to Create Desktop Shortcut so that the user can have Quick access to Shutdown the Computer by Double Clicking on the Desktop Shortcut of Shutdown Computer.

Also you can Configure Hot Keys to Shutdown your Computer easily by pressing the Shortcut Keys with Keyboard, you can Shut Down your Computer quickly by pressing the Hot Key assigned to Shutdown your Computer.

You can also Configure Idle Time Action So that after the Configured idle time the Computer will Automatically Shut Down saving energy.

You can also create Daily Action so that at Specified time your Computer will Shut Down you may not require to manually go to your Computer and Shut Down the Computer.

Configure at which time do you want to Shut Down your Computer and the Computer will Shut Down Daily at Specified time.

You can also Configure to Shut Down Weekly etc.

You can also Add Desktop Right Click Menu to Shut Down your Computer.